Juan Francisco Valenzuela Valdés

  • Job position: Associate Professor
  • University: University of Granada
  • Biography:

    Juan Francisco Valenzuela was born in Marbella, Spain. He received the degree in telecommunications engineering from the Universidad de Malaga, Spain, in 2003, and the Ph.D. degree from the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain, in 2008, where he joined the Department of Information Technologies and Communications, in 2004.

    In 2007, he joined EMITE Ing. as the Head of research. In 2011, he joined the Universidad de Extremadura, and in 2015, he joined the Universidad de Granada, where he is currently an Associate Professor.

    He has also received several prizes, including a National Prize to the Best Ph.D. in Mobile Communications by Vodafone. He also holds several national and international patents.

    His publication record comprised of more than 100 publications, including 50 JCR indexed articles and seven book chapters. (Updated March 2019). His current research interests include wireless communications, radiofrequency devices, antennas and propagation.

    He is the head of SWAT research group (https://swat.ugr.es/) at the University of Granada and cohead of Singular Laboratory of Electromagnetic characterization of microwave and millimeter-wave devices and antennas.

    Google scholar: https://scholar.google.es/citations?user=4FXKTykAAAAJ&hl=es

    ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1843-2365

  • Phone:
  • Email: juanvalenzuela@ugr.es